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At #FITCuba2020, travel insurance

According to the recommendation from de World Tourism Organization (WTO) as a way to guarantee health and protection about the urgency of travelers in each one of their visit to different nations, Cuba has been concerned; from the beginning of the tourist develop in this topic. For this reasons, insurance activity has been involved with the medical and assistance service in different Cubans Health Centers and others concept about it.

Start from 2010 Cubans authorities even established a normative about the all persons that arrive to the country have to possess a medical coverage inside of the national territory as insurance.

Travelers and potential residents could manage from arriving at the country, these services. It supposes some advantage as the quick access to the assistance, in case of needed. It involved the ease of not having to use the insurance they own in their home country at time they are protected according to the Cuban reality.

Cuba offers Trips and Health Insurance that had been developed by Seguros Internacionales de Cuba, S.A. (ESICUBA). Sice 30 years, it works for these products and services incorporate increasingly updated coverage and facilities.

As a complement that Insurance system ESICUBA works with ASISTUR together. ASISTUR is the entity that deals in travelers and foreigner residents’ assistance when they required it. ASISTUR also can market the insurance.

There are in the main tourist pole, a central alarm which works 24 hours, and specialized personal to request any demand. ASISTUR is linked to hotel medical offices, international clinics, pharmacies and specialized hospitals, which are accredited for medical attention to visitors or foreign residents in the country.

This company also maintains contractual relations with another broad network of national service providers with which it guarantees many more support for assistance work. It also operates together with some 200 insurance companies and foreign assistance companies so that the benefits of their insurance can be made effective in Cuba.

Travel Insurance and Insurance of Cuban Medical Expenses The products that offered have diverse coverage programs, which are very complete and can accommodate the needs of tourists and foreign residents.

Travel insurance in particular is activated for short periods of time (up to 90 days) and has smaller limits, being able to face:

• Medical assistance in case of accidents or emergencies
• Outpatient or hospitalization related medications
• Repatriations (Sanitary or funeral)
• Funds advance
• Accident Insurance (Includes death and permanent disability)
• Location and management with lost luggage
• Document management in cases of theft or loss
• Other expenses

On the other hand, Medical Expenses Insurance, contracted mostly by diplomatic personnel, students and foreign businessmen with longer stays in the country, are usually valid for one year, higher limits and a greater range of services, including:

• Hospitalization and Intensive Care
• Medical surgical and non-surgical expenses
• Clinical and special expenses
• Surgery and outpatient treatment
• Sanitary transfers
• Maternity and newborn expenses
• Medical urgency of pre-existing and / or congenital disease (for every medical emergency)
• Emergency Dentistry
• Ophthalmology
• Medications
• Repatriation


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