Spain will be honored guest of FitCuba in the 500th anniversary of Havana | FITCuba

Spain will be honored guest of FitCuba in the 500th anniversary of Havana

The XXXIX International Tourism Fair of Cuba, FitCuba 2019, will be held in Havana during the half-millennium celebration of the city, with Spain as guest of honor, and will be dedicated to tourism events and incentives. This was reported by the Minister of Tourism, Manuel Marrero, during the closing of FitCuba 2018, which closed its doors on Saturday at Plaza Las Terrazas in Cayo Santa María, after four days dedicated to the presentation of the main destinations and products of the the central region of Cuba, sun and beach tourism and the United Kingdom as the guest of honor.

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Marrero Cruz highlighted the presence of more than 3,000 participants from 52 nations and the well-attended participation of representatives from Spain, the United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom; and described this edition in the keys of the north of Villa Clara as one of the best in history.

The Cuban Minister thanked the support of all in the effort to “meet the goal of re-launching Cayo Santa Maria as a completely renovated tourist destination” and mentioned among the main achievements the signing of several agreements and business intentions referring especially to the development of the aeronautics and the management of hotels in the main tourist destinations of the country.

During the last day of the event a large public fair was organized in the Vidal Park of the city of Santa Clara, capital of the province, where companies and agencies operating in the tourism industry in the region offered tour packages for the next summer in a festive atmosphere.

For their part, FitCuba participants were able to visit attractions in the picturesque city of Caibarién and participate in the presentation of the city of Remedios as a new destination for tourism, during which the Hotel Bauzá with 24 rooms was inaugurated, among other developments in the corridor. touristic center of the island.

España será invitada de honor de FitCuba en el 500 aniversario de La Habana

Other important moments of FitCuba 2018 were the presentation of the city of Sagua la Grande as a destination for tourism in the center of Cuba, the recognition of the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment to two polo hotels for their special environmental achievements and the activities of homage to the 30 years of the Cuban hotelier Gaviota SA; to Iberostar Hotels & Resorts for its 25 years of presence in Cuba and to Juan José Hidalgo, president of the Globalia Group, for the 25 years since its organization was founded and for its contribution to the development of tourism in Cuba.

After the Fair, the 150 journalists from 32 countries that cover the meeting and some representatives of companies in the sector have been invited to a three-day tourist familiarization trip that will take them to the colonial city of Trinidad, the Sierra del Escambray and the Topes de Collantes health center, to Rio Negro and other places of tourist interest in the province of Sancti Spíritus.

Tourist development of locations throughout the country

Addressing the press earlier in the day on Saturday, during the activities in the city of Remedios, Manuel Marrero explained that the development of facilities in certain Cuban cities not only benefits the circuit mode, but allows to recover high-value properties heritage and cultural and develop complete areas.

The Minister of Tourism explained how behind each project – like the recently inaugurated hotel Bauzá – there was a ruin before. “The main essence has been to recover it as it was. Wherever we have entered we have been revitalizing heritage buildings from 100 to 200 years or more. ”

From a strong cultural component, the Mintur looks for towns like Remedios with a high historical and patrimonial component to which they incorporate the tourist essence. Marrero said he was satisfied with the recent experience of the launch of the tourist destinations Sagua La Grande and Remedios, both in the province of Villa Clara.

He highlighted the role of the Cuban people in the realization of each of the works, where he becomes the main protagonist and makes his visitors feel as if they were in their own homes. Marrero also referred to the warm welcome of the residents to this edition of FitCuba and its participants. “That is what the work of the Revolution is about, going to the towns, generating jobs, trying to add all the people to a tourism, cultural project”. “Even though the world is trying to obscure the Cuban reality, with our flaws and imperfections, in reality this is Cuba, an authentic Cuba. The more you live it, the more you love it, “he said.

Bet of the TTOO for new destinations

The minister had presented this Friday to the city of Sagua la Grande, in the center-north of Cuba, as a new destination for international tourism. Cuban authorities, businessmen, tour operators, journalists and agency representatives


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